Washington, DC Masonry Contractor Services

O’Shea Paving and Masonry offers a wealth of masonry contractor services for properties throughout Washington, DC. We have a full service approach that supports your exterior brick and mortar needs as well as your interior foundation waterproofing needs. We will restore the beauty back to your old building, whether it’s a commercial or residential property we are a masonry contractor you can count on. Invest in your property and restore the hidden value at the same time.

We are proud to offer the finest craftsman in the art of masonry in the Washington, DC area. Masonry requires years of apprenticeship to perfect the craft. We use only the best masons who have years of experience, and offer quality and creative design in all their work. Attention to detail and years of experience enable us to be to your go-to mason contractor for Driveway, Walkway, Patios, Retaining Walls or any Masonry work in Nassau County.

Driveway replacement Washington, DC:

If your Washington, DC area driveway is cracked or crumbling, it's time to call O’Shea Paving and Masonry for a repair or replacement. We can patch or replace your troublesome driveway, depending on the level of deterioration.

Patios Installation Washington, DC:

Breathe new life into your personal great outdoors with a sculpted stone or brick patio you'll want to show off to the neighbors. Go ahead – plan that big barbecue you've been thinking about hosting. But call O’Shea Paving and Masonry first to build your backyard masterpiece.

Sidewalks and Walkways Contractors Washington, DC:

Just like your driveway, the concrete surface of your sidewalks has a limited lifespan. When it starts to fracture, don't freak: call Sherman's to pour a fresh concrete surface that will stand the test of time.

Retaining Walls Contractors Washington, DC:

Sloping yards can benefit from the stabilization effects of installing a stone or brick retaining wall; even yards that are perfectly level can be enhanced by the addition of a decorative brick or concrete boundary. It defines the space and adds beauty. Call O’Shea Paving and Masonry to find out what we can do to make your backyard into a more comfortable and attractive space your family will enjoy.

Masonry Repair Work Washington, DC:

If you have existing stone or brick structures on your Washington, DC property that just need a little reconstructive TLC, call O’Shea Paving and Masonry. Our masonry pros have the skills and techniques to execute a fix that will last.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Washington, DC:

Got a problem with your home's foundation? Let the experts from O’Shea Paving and Masonry come out and have a look. We'll determine the extent of the problem and recommend a fix. Also, if you're planning a home addition, we can lay the foundation for the new room or exterior space.

Stoops Contractors Washington, DC:

We can design and install all styles of stoops for Our clients. This includes all types of patio stoops, driveway stoops, concrete stoops and driveway steps for all our Washington DC residents. Let us create your stoop and we can guarantee you will have a beautiful and unique stoop that will enhance your home and bring added value to it. Rest assured that we will treat your home with the same attention and care that we would treat our own.

Driveway Pavers Installation Washington, DC:

Driveways are a crucial aspect of any home or commercial property. What would your home be without a smooth, solid driveway to pull your car into? Your driveway is the welcome mat to your home or business, and as such, it requires the finesse and merit of an experienced driveway pavers contractor. Without a sound, well-laid driveway, you and others are at risk for safety mishaps and financial damages, not to mention potential liabilities. O’Shea Paving and Masonry knows that in order to ensure quality paving, an experienced, professional contractor who is experienced in black top driveway service is absolutely necessary. We provide both paving and power washing services to both commercial and residential areas.
Our contractors are experts when it comes to paving your driveway. You can rely on our professionals for all your repairs and installations. If your home or business needs any type of paving service such as walkway paver, we have the skills and experience needed to provide you with top-notch services for whatever project we are assigned. For more information about driveway paving around the Washington, DC area, contact O’Shea Paving and Masonry today!

Brick Pavers Washington DC:

Brick pavers are a welcoming feature to any backyard in Washington, DC. The brick paving experts at O’Shea Paving and Masonry can easily design a patio which adapts to fit your yard. While precise brick cutting and fitting may not be necessary, a big project takes a lot of time to implement.
We first take the size of the area into consideration. The bigger the area, the more time and energy it takes to complete. Don't go at it alone and spend the better part of your summer hauling tons of dirt, gravel, stone, and brick in and out of your home. Let our ambitious crew finish your custom patios in less than two or three weekends.
We can also assemble some driveway pavers to your home. If you require a new sidewalk paving, we can help make your home the place to be when it comes to friends and family BBQs. When it comes to brick paver services such as sealing, sanding or any types of repairs, you can depend on O’Shea Paving and Masonry for quality workmanship. For professionally designed brick pavers, contact O’Shea Paving and Masonry in Washington, DC today.